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Fly Light Traps

Fly Control Traps

Fly Light TrapsUltraviolet fly light traps are not harmful, discreet, efficient, and powerful. As a substitute for toxic chemical sprays, flies find them irresistible. It is an insect trap that uses powerful ultraviolet rays to attract flies. As well as other flying insect pests without the use of harmful chemicals.

UV Fly Light Traps are perfect for use in settings and situations where using traditional fly sprays. Nor chemicals would not be appropriate.  In Particular, where discreet, low profile fly control is desired. For example like kitchens, restaurants, or store fronts.

Two basic types of Fly Light Traps:
  • Ultraviolet Pheromone (Glue) Traps also attract flies using ultraviolet rays. Instead of electrocution, the fly gets stuck on a removable glue strip. Glue strips utilize pheromones to further attract nuisance flies that are not as readily attracted to the ultraviolet light. This model is appropriate for most public and food settings.
  • Ultraviolet Fly Zappers attract flies using ultraviolet rays and then electrocute them. Fly Zappers are often used in warehouses. They are not generally appropriate for residential areas, business applications, or food preparation areas. Particularly where fly body parts might fall into food.
UV Fly Light Traps Advantages
  • Ultraviolet rays are harmless to people or pets, unlike toxic chemicals.
  • No unpleasant odors.
  • Powerful ultraviolet light provides for optimum coverage.
  • Ultraviolet rays draw in a wide range of flying insects, not just flies.
  • Several ultraviolet fly traps are designed to look like ordinary light fixtures. Making them suitable for discreet control in public venues.
UV Fly Light Traps Use Recommendations
  • Choosing the correct location for this type of device is critical and should be carefully considered before installation. When installing a fly light be sure to install it away from sensitive areas. This will help draw flies away from areas where they could irritate customers or contaminate food products. Fly lights should also be placed away from doors and windows. Certainly that open to the outside as the pheromones on the glue boards. This could potentially attract flies in from outdoors.
  • It is necessary to perform routine maintenance on your fly light trap. These are the general guidelines that should be followed:
  1. Glue boards should be checked on a weekly basis.
  2. Glue boards that are dusty or full of insects are ineffective and should be changed.
  3. The ultraviolet light bulbs in fly light traps need to be replaced on scheduled dates. Usually every 4-6 months. These bulbs should be changed even if they have not burned out.

Over time the ultraviolet rays become weak and will no longer be attractive to flies. Read product the instruction guide to determine complete maintenance requirements for each individual device.

Important Tip

Use the fly light trap as part of your fly control program. Inspection, exclusion and good sanitation are equally important components of a well managed. Indeed a successful fly control program. Inspect your facility to see where a fly problem is developing. Exclude flies from the facility by using screens on windows and insecticides or baits labeled for flies outside. Use good sanitation practices and procedures in dumpster areas as well as food areas to help control fly populations. Failure to include all of the above mentioned components into your fly management program could lead to an ongoing fly issue. Surely can cause unsatisfactory conditions in sensitive areas.

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