Fly Control FAQs

Fly Control FAQs

fly control faq

Flies Control Q & A

What are flies?

Flies are large, fast and many, despite being very large are silent in flight. The flies bite however is anything but discrete. They are generally, strong, stout and noisy fliers. They feed on carrion and decaying organic matter and can often be seen on flowers where they consume carbohydrate rich nectar.

They are seen in our homes in autumn when they come indoors to shelter and over winter and early once more when they emerge during the warmer days of spring. A common site of infestation are lofts, UPVC window frames and the internal cavities of sash windows.

Lure based Fly control traps are very effective against flies, as they are more commonly known.

Can Flies Bite?


Are Flies Hazardous?

They have been associated with a large number of significant diseases. It is the diseases they carry that cause the microbiological contamination of foods and surfaces.

What Diseases Do Flies Carry?

They are important disease vectors, spreading pathogenic microorganisms that include dysentery, salmonella, typhoid, E-coli and many others as a result of the contact they have with their food of choice – dung and carrion.

How Do Flies Spread Disease?

They carry bacteria on their bodies, in their droppings and when they settle on a suitable food source or surface they taste it by regurgitating contaminated digestive enzymes (e.g. from dung, sewage and carrion) onto it and then lapping them back up. These enzymes or digestive juices are termed proteolytic or protein splitting.

How Much Does a Fly Control Cost?

Being experts in insect control means Fly Control Auckland services are faster, more thorough and more flexible than many other providers. We are usually on site within hours or even faster if it is an emergency.

How Quickly Can I Get a Fly Control Service?

Pest Control Service for Fly Control is always available, and for extra peace of mind our 24 Hour Emergency Pest Control Service operates 24/7 so help is never far away.

How Do We Book a Fly Control Service?

Simply Call Fly Control Auckland 0800 199399

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